I went to work at Veracode back in November. One of the things I remember liking about the company before I joined was that they sponsor twice yearly HACKATHONS! So, today is the first day of my very first Veracode Hackathon. I have one hack that I'm working on officially, but here's a quick overview of all that I'm working on today.


This is both my first Chrome Extension, as well as my first hackathon project. What a way to start! I wrote it primarily to help me automate a step in demonstrating the Veracode Mobile platform (MARS).

MARS is a mobile application behavior analysis tool. It analyzes the behavior of the application by actually running it and watching what it does. This is different than Veracode's Static Binary Analysis testing software in that rather than looking for flaws in an application, it's actually watching what it does in real time. So, maybe you included a cool framework to help you build a map widget in your app? Sweet! Guess what, it's also exfiling data to a remote server in China. Whoops! That's what MARS does, it assess the behavior of your application and assigns a malware rating score based on those kinds of things like: does it write files, does it access your camera, does it send data to China, you know... that kind of thing.

My extension is currently in a sort of BETA phase (aka pretty messy code) and only available on GitHub until I finish it. It works by grabbing the ID of the page you're currently on in the iTunes store or Google Play store, and (assuming you're logged in to MARS) will automatically populate the upload form and submit the app for review. Neat huh?

Stay tuned post Hackathon (April 12th, 2016) for a complete review and link to Chrome store which will be its final stop.


While I hack away at my code, what else is going on? Well, I dry rubbed a brisket yesterday and let that set overnight. Now it's in the smoker, low-n-slow at 225 degrees... chillin. If you want a complete breakdown on that process send me a tweet and I'll write it up!

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